Wednesday, December 11

रिहाइपछि रवि र निकिताको निकै गोप्य सम्बोधन, श्वेतापनि सामेल भइन !

Journalist Ravi Lamichhane has been rele..ased on bail of Rs 500,000 on Monday.The Chitwan District Court sought a bail of Rs 500,000 from Lamichhane who was arre…sted from the office of News24 Television on August 15 on charge of su….icide of fellow journalist Shalik Ram Pudasaini. Journalist Yuvaraj Kandel who works with Lamichhane for the television channel has also been released after subm..itting the bail amount of Rs 300,000, while Ashmita Karki (Ruku) has been released on normal date.

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